About us

About us

A wealth of colors, tones and textures

El`adore Ruffles brand was born in Liepdārzi (“Linden gardens” from Latvian).

It is a special place in Latvia, where on hot summer days humming bees labor away amongst the sweet smelling sunny lindens.  It’s a place where you can see a wide range of shades in the sky – from blue and gray to purple and orange.  In spring, snow-white ivy blooms brightly here, but apple and lilac amaze with light purple, soft pink, deep violet and velvety burgundy colors.  Autumn decorates the yard and fields in gold, fire, moss green and chocolate.

All of these color nuances, shades and textures inspire us to use a wide range of fabric, colors and styles in our collections.


Creativity and femininity

Liepdārzi is filled with the laughter of children playing with our dogs and cats. Friends and relatives are always welcome here and in this bustle, sometimes in the chaos, ideas for our new products are born.

Little girls, big sisters and their moms love to fluff and become models for so many cute pictures.

Bows, ribbons and tiaras are combined, tried and become topics of conversations here. For us,  it’s all about the products that make you feel so feminine, pretty, and special every day.



Inspiration and gratitude

We feel that we need to share the abundance of love and warmth that reigns in Liepadārzi. We carefully pack each product in a charming gift box and, when signing it, we think of the girl or a woman who will wear it.  Every time we receive pictures of our wonderful customers, we are infinitely happy, and every kind word of satisfaction inspires us to move on.